Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer 2024 Comparison on All Levels

The developers of Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer are Olzhass and Spektra. Both games offer you awesome features that will amaze you. Car Parking Multiplayer is a more realistic and immersive parking game. But Parking Master Multiplayer is a casual and arcade-like game.

In this article, we are going to discuss what kind of Car Parking Multiplayer vs Parking Master Multiplayer exists to offer:

PropertiesCar Parking MultiplayerParking Master Multiplayer
Current Version4.
Released DateMarch 7, 2018June 15, 2020
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 or above, iOS 10.0 or aboveAndroid 4.4 or above, iOS 9.0 or above
DeveloperolzhassSpektra Games
iOS AvailabilityYesYes
File Size654 MB354 MB
car parking multiplayer vs parking master multiplayer properties
car parking multiplayer vs parking master multiplayer

Basic Points of Car Parking Multiplayer VS Parking Master Multiplayer

Here we are going to discuss the basic differences between the Car Parking Multiplayer and the Parking Master Multiplayer. This will make it easy for you to decide which game you want to play.

FeatureCar Parking MultiplayerParking Master Multiplayer
Gameplay FocusRealistic challenges and exploringFun parking with career progress
Graphics & RealismHigh-quality, real-looking graphicsCartoonish visuals, not as realistic
Car SelectionLots of car choices with customization optionsFewer car choices, not much customization
AdsNot many adsMore ads pop up sometimes
car parking multiplayer vs parking master multiplayer features

Car Parking Multiplayer is a game where you learn to park for real. You get to use over 90 cool cars and make them look how you want. Explore different places to drive and park. It’s not about a big story; it’s just about getting good at parking.

On the other hand, Parking Master Multiplayer is more about having fun. It has a career mode with levels and upgrades, but the main goal is still to become a parking pro in two lively maps. It has a mix of real and made-up cars, but you can’t customize them as much. Just know that there are more ads, and you might need to buy things in the game.

So, pick Car Parking Multiplayer if you want a real and customizable experience. But if you want something easy and fun with a bit of progress, go for Parking Master Multiplayer.

Graphics and Realism for Both

Ready for a virtual road trip with Car Parking Multiplayer (CPM) and Parking Master Multiplayer (PMM)? They both look cool but in different ways. Let’s see which one you like.

Car Parking Multiplayer is super real. Cars and weather look just like the real deal. It’s like driving through a digital postcard with lots of details. Parking Master Multiplayer is more about fun visuals. Cars are bright, and places are colourful, like playing a lively arcade game. Not super real, but each track and car has its style.

Car Parking Multiplayer is like a nature show—detailed, educational, and breathtaking. Parking Master Multiplayer is like a fun arcade game—speedy, colourful, and full of surprises. It’s all about what kind of visual fun you want.

Pick CPM for a real-world feel and a detailed digital world. Choose PMM for cartoon charm and a visually exciting parking adventure.

So, start your engines, pick your style, and enjoy the ride! Both Car Parking Multiplayer, Parking Master Multiplayer, and also Parking Master Multiplayer 2 are ready to impress you in their awesome ways.

Car Selection and Customization 

Car Parking Multiplayer (CPM) has over 90 real cars, like Lamborghinis and Land Rovers. You have the freedom to select the car that best suits your driving skills. You can also customize your vehicle. You can make them look super cool with different paint, wheels, and more. Car Parking Multiplayer is all about being real and letting you have fun with your cars.

Parking Master Multiplayer (PMM) is like a fun car party. It has real and quirky cars, and you can make them look cool too with customization. It’s not as detailed as Car Parking Multiplayer, but you can still add some paint and cool wheels to make your car stand out. Parking Master Multiplayer is all about having fun, showing off your style, and a bit of customization without too many choices.

cpm and parking master multiplayer car customization

Focus on Gameplay to Enjoy the Game

Car Parking Multiplayer (CPM) is like a big game with lots of different places to drive in. In the game, you can drive in deserts, cities, and beaches. Each place has its challenges. You must complete these challenges to win rewards. Car Parking Multiplayer wants you to have a calm and fun time with spots that look real.

Parking Master Multiplayer (PMM) is another game, and it’s a bit different. It has bright and lively tracks with lots of lights, like an arcade. The places in Parking Master Multiplayer are like carefully made games with exciting challenges. Unlike Car Parking Multiplayer’s real spots, Parking Master Multiplayer’s places are more about tricky challenges that require quick moves. Parking Master Multiplayer’s spots are like play areas for fun games, with cool looks for you to enjoy. Parking Master Multiplayer wants to grab your attention with a super-exciting and lively game world.

Exciting Game Modes

Car Parking Multiplayer

  • Open World Exploration: Drive through cities, beaches, and deserts, facing parking challenges. Customize your car and explore extras like gas stations and car washes for a complete driving experience.
  • Career Progression: Level up, earn rewards and unlock new things by completing missions, passing parking tests, and joining online events.
  • Multiplayer Races: Race against real players, navigate through traffic, and conquer parking challenges at high speeds.
  • Free Roam: Take it easy, roam freely, and discover hidden secrets while enjoying the open world at your own pace.

Parking Master Multiplayer

  • Parking Academy: Practice skills with challenges like time trials, reverse parking, and tight spaces. Each level helps to enhance your parking skills.
  • Challenge Modes: Try different tasks, like parking near moving things or in tricky garages.
  • Time Trials: Race against others globally, trying to park faster. See if you can beat your scores and those of others on the leaderboard.
  • Practice Mode: Practice in a sandbox. Try different cars and places to feel more confident before doing harder challenges.

Multiplayer Mode to Enjoy

In Car Parking Multiplayer, lots of real players drive, race, and have fun with you in a big world. It’s like a cool game—not as chaotic as Grand Theft Auto! Race fast and leave smoke behind; show off your drifting skills in competitions. Hang out with friends, talk to car fans, and make your ride cool with different colours, wheels, and music. Swap cars to create your dream garage, from fast sports cars to tough SUVs.

In Parking Master Multiplayer online, it’s like a cool car show! Race and drift with lots of players, leaving your mark and showing off. Hang out with friends, find secret paths, and chat with car fans in this busy parking lot social spot. Make your ride awesome with cool changes, swap cars to build your dream garage, and enjoy the excitement of the open road together! It’s all about parking, but it’s super fun.

MOD APK Differences in Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK is awesome because you get all the cool cars unlocked. You can go to exciting places like busy cities and peaceful countryside drives. You can also change your cars a lot, like colours and cool stuff.

Parking Master Multiplayer MOD APK isn’t as great. You only get a few bonus cars. You can’t explore much; just stick to the set tracks.

In Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK, you can change everything about your cars and have lots of freedom. But in Parking Master Multiplayer MOD APK, you can only change small things like colours and rims.

Difference between Popularity of Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer is super popular, with 100 million downloads on Google Play. It’s free and loved by many. People enjoy easy and relaxing driving. Parking Master Multiplayer is also getting popular, with 5 million downloads on iOS. You pay to play, and people who like cool looks and no ads really like it.

cpm vs pmm popularity

Looking at reviews helps you understand more, but it’s not the same for both. Car Parking Multiplayer has more reviews because more people play it, so there are good and not-so-good opinions. Parking Master Multiplayer is still getting more attention, so fewer people have shared their thoughts on it.

Popularity StatsCar Parking MultiplayerParking Master Multiplayer
Downloads100+ Million5 Million
car parking multiplayer vs parking master multiplayer popularity


Car Parking Multiplayer is super popular, having been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play. It’s free and loved by many for its casual driving. Parking Master Multiplayer, with 5 million iOS downloads, is also gaining popularity.

Parking Master Multiplayer looks really cool with detailed cars and places. But Car Parking Multiplayer has good graphics too, though not as fancy as the other one.

Car Parking Multiplayer is free to play, but sometimes ads might bother you. Parking Master Multiplayer needs a one-time payment, and then there are no ads, but you pay more at the beginning.

Car Parking Multiplayer is about real parking challenges and exploring an open world. It also has races and time trials. Parking Master Multiplayer is more exciting with fast races, cool drifts, tricky parking tests, and exploring for a fun game.

Both games let you talk to others, chat, and trade cars in open worlds. But Car Parking Multiplayer, with more players, gives you more chances to make friends online and join a lively community.


If you just want a fun and free parking game with lots of people to hang out with, choose Car Parking Multiplayer. It’s easy to play, and you can drive around and park realistically for a long time. But if you’re good at driving and want tough challenges, awesome looks, and no annoying ads, then Parking Master Multiplayer is the one for you. It has exciting races, cool drifts, and a special premium feel. Whether you like it easy or love a challenge, both games have cool things for every virtual driver to enjoy.

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